Welcome to i-Protect

You are about to register as i-Protect Club Coordinator in the i-Protect Programme.  The i-Pritect Club Coordinator is the representative of the club.  You will manage the involvement of your club in the i-Protect Programme to become an i-Protect club.

Once you register, you will be able to download the i-Protect Club Coordinator Manual that will guide you through the complete process.

The i-Protect developing team has aimed at making the process of becoming an i-Protect club as easy as possible, but also, at making it meaningful and worthwhile for your club. By registering to the i-Protect platform programme you will commit, on behalf of the club you represent, to comply to the requirements and coordinate the involvement of different stakeholders in your club in the e-learning programme.  The online courses have been developed by European researchers and experts in good practice, equality, sexual abuse, coaching, sport management, family counselling, sport psychology and child protection in the field of sport.

Some concepts

i-Protect Club Coordinator

The i-Protect Programme is aimed at involving different stakeholders in the children’s sporting environment.  As i-Protect Club Coordinator you will be responsible for completing the process complying with the programme’s requirements. You will manage the project and coordinate the participation of the members of your teams.

The Teams

The i-Protect programme identifies 4 teams with courses specifically designed for them.  The four i-Protect teams are:

  1. Team Athletes
  2. Team Families
  3. Team Coaches
  4. Team Managers

Each user will be assigned a user profile as member of one of the i-Protect teams.

The Safeguarding Officer

The Safeguarding Officer is an important person in your club.  Ideally, this person should be experienced and specifically trained for the role.  In the meantime, your club should appoint a person to be the safeguarding focal point until a trained dedicated person can be appointed.  The objectives of this role should be:

  1. To act as the focal point and lead for all safeguarding matters.
  2. To ensure safeguarding training is implemented, to promote safe practices and minimise risks of abuse in sport.
  3. To map out and establish partnerships with local authorities/agencies and civil society organisations with expertise in this area.
  4. To manage referrals to statutory authorities/agencies and local organisations if incidents or concerns of abuse arise. The officer should keep an updated list of names and contacts of local authorities/agencies and partner
    organisations readily available at all times.

For more information about this role, you can find a “Sample Role Description for Safeguarding Officer” in the i-Protect course for Sport Managers “Safeguarding children in sport clubs for Sport Managers”.

The user profiles

As the i-Protect Club Coordinator you will be given a unique user profile to manage your participation in the programme.  Once registered you will access the user panel where you will find all the information and functionality needed to coordinate your participation in the programme.  You will be required to invite the users among the members of the club (coaches, parents and sport managers).  Each user will have access to the e-learning itinerary associated with his or her team.  All users, regardless of the team they belong to, will have to complete the general courses aimed at all users before they complete the specific courses aimed at the members of each team.

The i-Protect Ambassadors Team

As the i-Protect Club Coordinator you will be required to identify the i-Protect Ambassadors Team in your club.  This is a very important team. The i-Protect programme requires that the Ambassadors complete all the courses assigned to them depending on their user profile in order to receive the first i-Protect Badge and become an i-Protect Club.

The Ambassadors team will be comprised of:

  1. The i-Protect Club Coordinator 
  2. The designated i-Protect Safeguarding Officer assigned by the club to receive concerns and answer questions regarding safeguarding. The Safeguarding officer can be a member of any of the i-Protect Teams.
  3. A representative of Team Athletes aged between 13 to 17 years old.
  4. A representative of Team Families
  5. A representative of Team Managers
  6. A representative of Team Coaches

It is advisable that the i-Protect Ambassadors Team be represented by equal number of men and women.

The representative of the athletes will be required to participate in three i-Protect workshops aimed at youth 13 to 17 year old.

If the i-Protect Safeguarding Officer is the same person as the i-Protect Club Coordinator, the Ambassadors Team will be comprised of 5 people.

Please be aware that the i-Protect Ambassadors team will change regularly depending on the involvement of people in your club.

What next?

You will now be directed to the registration form where you will provide us with some basic information about yourself and the club you represent as i-Protect Club Coordinator.  Additionally, you will have to select an additional role (coach, family or sport manager) so you can be assigned the relevant e-learning itinerary.

After registration make sure you download the “i-Protect Club Coordinators Manual” from the Downloads section of your user panel where you can find guidance and information to complete the programme.