Sample safeguarding/child protection policy statement

From the CPSU

A policy statement makes it clear to staff, parents and children what you and your organization will do to keep children safe.

This policy statement can be used as a guide, but will need to be ammended to suit your organization’s needs.

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Sample safeguarding reporting procedures flowcharts

From The CPSU

The three CPSU safeguarding reporting-procedures flowcharts provide guidance for organisations on reporting concerns for the following situations:

    1. The behaviour of an organisation’s staff member or volunteer (for example, allegations about a coach or officer’s behaviour toward a child)
    2. The behaviour of another organisation’s staff member or volunteer (such as allegations reported about an individual working for a partner organisation)
    3. Concerns about children and young people arising out of sport (at home, school or within the community)

Pro Safe Sport Training kit

The Counicl of Europe and the European Union

This training kit, developed as part of the PSS+ project, provides information and training content to help those in positions of influence in the field of sport to prevent and react to situations of potential sexual violence in sport.

Basketball Ireland Code of Ethics for Children's Sport

The guidelines are based on the guidelines and legislation outlined in the “Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s” reviewed in 2006. These guidelines covering “sexual abuse” and “bullying” contain basic principles to be respected by all those are in contact with young basketball players. Including the principles to be followed when traveling with young players or how to deal with allegations. They also contain standard forms on the use of photos or videos, questions to ask when recruiting a coach, etc. Also include commitments “self declaration” that people in contact with children undertake to respect.

Sample codes of conduct for parents, children and staff

From the CPSU

Each code has been written with the intended audience in mind using age and role appropriate language and example behaviours.

Safe4Athletes Handbook

The materials contained in this Handbook are  for local sports club use and may be replicated and distributed for non/commercial purposes without the permission of Safe4Athletes. Neither the Handbook nor the materials contained herein may be sold or otherwise used for commercial gain. Any modification or derivative use without the permission of Safe4Athletes shall not imply the approval of or use of the name or logo of Safe4Athletes.
Use of Safe4Athletes materials contained in this Handbook should include the following attribution:

Safe4Athletes. (2012)+Handbook: Local tsports club policies and procedures designed to provide athletes with a safe and  positive environment free of sexual abuse, bullying and sexual harassment.  Safe4Athletes, P.O. Box 650.  Santa Monica, CA! 0406,

SafeSport Policies and Coach-Athlete Boundaries

Champion Women and Child USA

Champion Women arrives at a time when the need for fearless and focused advocacy for women’s sports is most needed. This need is evident by how our most powerful and influential educational and athletic institutions have fallen short in addressing critical gender equity issues. Champion Women will lead targeted efforts to aggressively advocate for equality, accountability, and transparency by these institutions with an underlying philosophy that sports opportunities are vehicles to improve the lives of girls and women. Something new is coming!

CHILD USA is the leading non-profit think tank working to end child abuse and neglect in the United States.  CHILD USA engages in high-level legal, social science, and medical research and analysis to derive the best public policies to end child abuse and neglect. Unlike an organization engaged in the direct delivery of services, CHILD USA produces evidence-based solutions and information needed by policymakers, organizations, media, and society as a whole to increase child protection and the common good. CHILD USA’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect and to help kids stay kids. #SoKidsStayKids