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Educational films and resources from the Erasmus+ VOICE Project


A key outcome of  the Erasmus+ Project VOICE (www.voicesfortruthanddignity.eu) was to utilise the original research to develop resources that may assist organizations throughout Europe to develop educational experiences aimed at sensitizing their members to key issues relevant to understanding and preventing sexual abuse and exploitation in sport. Our key concern was to develop resources that are authentic and grounded in real experiences.

There are seven short films (4-9min.) which highlight different areas of the topic. All persons in the film are actors, yet the stories behind are the real stories collected in the VOICE-project. The films often include the voice of the actual survivor speaking in his/her own language, but you can have access to films with subtitles in six different languages: English, German, Dutch, Slovenian, Danish and Spanish.

Each film comes with a support manual including background material and instructions for using the film in educational settings. The purpose of these educational packages is to promote awareness and encourage discussion within safe and supportive environments. If you intend to use these resources within an organized sport setting (i.e. with groups), we strongly recommend that you have undertaken some form of training in relation to child protection or are supported by individuals with experience and expertise in this area.

We recommend that the packages are used within an adult group (e.g. the club committee, coaching staff) first to allow for discussion and evaluation. Where the audience includes children, parental consent must be sought in advance. Children should always be informed beforehand about the topic and content and given the option to participate or not. We also recommend that these packages are used as part of an ongoing process of awareness raising and not simply a one-off event.

Please be aware: The content of the film might upset you and those you show the film to. Please take care that you watch the films in a surrounding that offers support and the possibility to discuss the content. Further details about support services in the Voice partner countries is included in the Support section above.

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The “Gender Equality Toolkit for generation Z” (GETS) Project is designed to deducate Generation Z  on the issues relating to gender equality and equal opportunigies in sport.