Welcome to i-Protect

A platform for the Protection of Children in Sport

The i-Protect Programme offers a holistic approach to a child safeguarding strategy and includes e-learinng courses aimed at athletes, families, coaches and sport managers as well as guidelines that will allow participant clubs at grassroots level develop a complete child protection strategy.

After successful completion of the i-Protect e-learning programme, the participating club will become an “i-Protect club“.

Providing a healthy and safe environment in which children can grow and develop must be the highest priority for any sport organization and institution.  The i-Protect clubs will be recognized as organizations concerned with the welfare of the children and their physical and psychological development in addition to their sporting development.

“Sport is neither inherently good nor bad; the positive experiences of sport do not result from participation but from the nature of the experience. In the hands of the right people with the right attitudes, sport can be a positive, character-building experience.” 

Dr. Stuart Robbins, Straight talk About Children in Sport, 1996

The i-Protect Consortium is lead by Spain’s Fundación Deporte Joven, a non-profit foundation with the mission to improve the lives of youth through the practice of Sport.

Partners in the i-Protect Consortium are the Ministries of Sport of Spain, France and Luxemburg, Safe Sport International, a global charity registered in the U.K, the International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development (CEIPES), a global and non-profit organization registered in Italy, and the Thomas More College, the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders.

The i-Protect Consortium has the privilege to have some of the best European experts in the field of good practice, equality, sexual abuse research, coaching, sport management, family counselling, sport psychology and child protection in the field of sport:

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